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Our style of real estate video

Are you looking for a real estate videographer in Perth? We can help you create stunning videos that will capture the essence of your property and help you sell it faster. We produce high-quality videos that engage your potential buyers and display your property in the best possible light.

We produce high-quality, professional real estate videos that help our clients stand out from the competition. We believe that good videography should be more than just pretty moving pictures; it should tell a story and capture the essence of a property. Our experienced videographers take the time to get a feel for the property and discuss it with the owner/agent before starting to shoot. This ensures that we are able to highlight the unique features that will appeal to potential buyers.

In addition, we use the latest production techniques and equipment to create videos that are both aesthetically pleasing, informative and engaging. Whether you are looking to sell a luxury home or a fixer-upper, we can help you create a video that will showcase your property in the best way.

Real estate videography services

Filming the property

We film properties in a walk-through style using camera gimbals mixed with close-ups and slides for details. We feel this gives the viewer the best interpretation of walking through the property themselves. We work with any key information from you of areas that you want to showcase and highlight.

Video production

As real estate videographers, we can capture the beauty and grandeur of a property in a way that still photos cannot. We can get creative with editing according to your preference. Generally, we get a feel for the flow of the property and cut to music for maximum effect in drawing in the viewer and creating maximum engagement.

Drone footage

Drone footage can be effectively used to illustrate a fantastic location or offer a bird’ s-eye view of the property and its surroundings.

Who is our property videography service for?

Our property videography services are for real estate agents and property owners who want to promote a property to its full potential beyond photographic stills.

What sets us apart?

We offer packages with the full gamut of property media services, including real estate video, real estate photography, 3D virtual tours, virtual staging, aerial drone footage, and more.

Benefits of real estate video

Real estate videography can be a powerful marketing tool, giving potential buyers an immersive look at a property. Unlike still photos, video can capture the feeling of a home, giving viewers a sense of the space and how it could be used. In addition, video can be an effective way to highlight a property’s unique features and Selling Points.

For example, a real estate videographer could showcase a home’s open floor plan, natural light, or special views. When combined with other marketing materials, such as virtual tours and website listings, real estate videography can be a powerful tool for selling a home.

Maximising your ROI with real estate videography

If planned ahead correctly, footage can be captured of the property in formats that make it ideal for social sharing. This can be a great way to increase the reach of your listing and create more interest in the property.

Real estate video marketing

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, and video marketing can be a powerful tool for agents looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. A well-crafted video can showcase a listing in its best light, highlighting features that would be difficult to convey through photos or words alone.

In addition, videography gives potential buyers a sense of the property’s layout and atmosphere, which can be invaluable when making such a major purchase.

Practically all social media platforms are pushing video right now, and it’s relatively easy to get eyeballs on your video content when published in the right places and in a suitable format.

Employing the services of a videographer who understands this can give you a good return on your investment by enabling you to publish video content on numerous platforms and social networks.

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